Green Arrow
Green Arrow Volume 1, The Midas Touch By Jurgens, Dan Book - 2012

The new 52 post reboot status quo for the character. Having had not followed the character before the reboot, I'm not sure what's new and what's not. The creative team has the title character at the figurative helm of his own corporation, with an inner circle supporting his efforts as a vigilante. The character seems ten or fifteen years younger than before the reboot, and the art is more than suitable for the subject (the various artists actually understand basic anatomy, a problem that more than a few comics artists seem to have... Liefeld, for one). This collection establishes where the archer fits into the new state of things, a few villains for him to tangle with, and has a particularly strong moment in the midst of the entire thing: a direct shot across the bow at the pure nonsense that is reality television.

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