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I wanted it to be good, and it is good! The setting is strong, and the character work is believable and compelling. It's a mix of character driven with occasional action, so the character arcs being well done is satisfying.
It is great the setting is not a pseudo-medieval Europe. It feels uniquely epic and added to the experience in a fun way. I kinda want to read more about pre-columbian cultures in North America now. I think this setting can easily support a lot more storytelling. In terms of magic it's more of a "low magic" setting in that magic/supernatural forces clearly exist but not in a common everyday sort of way.
The characters feel quite real, even the ones with magic stuff going on. I like how grounded their stories are, for me there was a real sense that these are just people doing their best in their respective situations and trying overcome their various flaws. The storytelling happens across three main chapter points of view, with an occasional fourth.
It's quite dark and violent at times but not overwhelmingly so. I don't think it fits into the "grimdark" category.
I'm excited to read the sequel. It's worth giving this one a try. There is a lot to like.

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