Check out these books, movies and links to the the history of working people in America, the rise of the Labor Movement, and the history of Labor Day.
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Rising From The Rails
Pullman Porters And The Making Of The Black Middle Class
Book - 2004
Cesar Chavez
DVD - 2014
Kids At Work
Lewis Hine And The Crusade Against Child Labor
Unknown - 1994
Mother Jones
The Most Dangerous Woman In America
Book - 2001
What Work Is
Book - 1991
Because Of Sex
One Law, Ten Cases, And Fifty Years That Changed American Women's Lives At Work
Book - 2016
The Man Who Never Died
The Life, Times, And Legacy Of Joe Hill, American Labor Icon
Book - 2011
The Fire That Changed America
Unknown - 2003
Norma Rae
DVD - 2001
Three Strikes
Miners, Musicians, Salesgirls, And The Fighting Spirit Of Labor's Last Century
Book - 2001
Sasha And Emma
The Anarchist Odyssey Of Alexander Berkman And Emma Goldman
Book - 2012
Meet You In Hell
Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, And The Bitter Partnership That Transformed America
Book - 2005
Household Workers Unite
The Untold Story Of African American Women Who Built A Movement
Book - 2015
The Devil Is Here In These Hills
West Virginia's Coal Miners And Their Battle For Freedom
Book - 2015
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