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The Birth Of Christianity
Discovering What Happened In The Years Immediately After The Execution Of Jesus
Unknown - 1998
Peter, Paul, And Mary Magdalene
The Followers Of Jesus In History And Legend
Unknown - 2006
Misquoting Jesus
The Story Behind Who Changed The Bible And Why
Book - 2005
How Jesus Became God
The Exaltation Of A Jewish Preacher From Galilee
eBook - 2014
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Jesus Before The Gospels
How The Earliest Christians Remembered, Changed, And Invented Their Stories Of The Savior
Book - 2016
Evolution Of The Word
The New Testament In The Order The Books Were Written
Book - 2012
The First Paul
Reclaiming The Radical Visionary Behind The Church's Conservative Icon
Book - 2009
The Last Week
The Day By Day Account Of Jesus' Final Week In Jerusalem
Book - 2006
Mark 8-16
A New Translation With Introduction And Commentary
Unknown - 2009
The Gospel To The Romans
The Setting And Rhetoric Of Mark's Gospel
Unknown - 2003
Theorizing Scriptures
New Critical Orientations To A Cultural Phenomenon
Unknown - 2008
Lost Christianities
The Battle For Scripture And The Faiths We Never Knew
Unknown - 2003
The Meaning Of The Dead Sea Scrolls
Their Significance For Understanding The Bible, Judaism, Jesus, And Christianity
eBook - 2002
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An Aramaic Approach To Q
Sources For The Gospels Of Matthew And Luke
Unknown - 2002
1-25 of 32 items
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