Great science reads, especially chosen in honor of the solar eclipse occurring on August 21, 2017.
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The Sun's Heartbeat
And Other Stories From The Life Of The Star That Powers Our Planet
Book - 2011
No Dream Is Too High
Life Lessons From A Man Who Walked On The Moon
Book - 2016
A Year In Space, A Lifetime Of Discovery
Book - 2017
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Journeys To The Dark Side Of The Moon
Book - 2017
Mask Of The Sun
The Science, History And Forgotten Lore Of Eclipses
Book - 2017
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Sun, Moon, Earth
The History Of Solar Eclipses, From Omens Of Doom To Einstein And Exoplanets
Book - 2016
American Eclipse
A Nation's Epic Race To Catch The Shadow Of The Moon And Win The Glory Of The World
Book - 2017
Pale Blue Dot
A Vision Of The Human Future In Space
Book - 1994
The Mercury 13
The Untold Story Of Thirteen American Women And The Dream Of Space Flight
Book - 2003
Spooky Action At A Distance
The Phenomenon That Reimagines Space And Time--and What It Means For Black Holes, The Big Bang, And Theories Of Everything
Book - 2015
The Quest To Find The True Age Of The Universe And The Theory Of Everything
Book - 2016
Vacation Guide To The Solar System
Science For The Savy Space Traveler!
Book - 2017
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