Different genres of music over the course years collect history, music, fame, and excitement on stage. These are famous talented musicians that I favor and love. Also, legends that most will never forget.
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"I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night"
Book - 2009
Play On
Now, Then & Fleetwood Mac, The Autobiography
Book - 2014
Becoming Jimi Hendrix
From Southern Crossroads To Psychedelic London, The Untold Story Of A Musical Genius
Book - 2010
Rollin' With Dre
The Unauthorized Account : An Insider's Tale Of The Rise, Fall, And Rebirth Of West Coast Hip Hop
Book - 2008
The Dirty Version
On Stage, In The Studio, And In The Streets With Ol' Dirty Bastard
Book - 2014
Tupac Shakur
The Life And Times Of An American Icon
Unknown - 2010
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My Infamous Life
The Autobiography Of Mobb Deep's Prodigy
by Prodigy
Book - 2011
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The Hip Hop Generation
Young Blacks And The Crisis In African American Culture
Book - 2002
1-25 of 43 items
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